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Welcome to Caroline Labrosse, specialized nurse practitioner

Published on by: The Privamed clinic team

As a specialized nurse practitioner, Caroline has the skills to assess the state of health, order and interpret diagnostic examinations, prescribe medical treatments or medication and apply certain techniques to a wide variety of clients. She promotes health through healthy lifestyles and health management. In summary, the nurse practitioner assesses and supports the health of the whole person. To do this, she can prescribe and support treatments for people of all ages and from all backgrounds.

Caroline Labrosse

After practicing as a clinical nurse for several years in obstetrical care and in community settings, Caroline wanted to advance further in her profession by completing advanced graduate training in nursing and medical sciences in order to obtain the title of nurse practitioner specializing in primary care (IPSPL).

For her, advanced nursing practices are an important benefit for clients because it allows for greater accessibilty to health care services as well as disease preventing strategies.

As a specialized nurse practitioner, Caroline is committed to providing direct quality care in partnership with each patient, their families and their loved ones. In addition to her direct clinical activities, she will integrate her skills in education, consultation and interprofessional collaboration into her professional practice. Caroline can also work alongside physicians within the clinic if certain cases go beyond her area of expertise.

It is with great enthusiasm that she joins the Privamed team.