Take care of your
patients. PrivaMED
will do the rest.
Joining our private clinic network
gives you improved support
to provide optimal care for
your patients.
PrivaMED provides you with a professional structure at every level and is part of ELNA Medical, the largest network of primary and specialty care clinics in Canada.

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Minimal fees
maximum gains

At PrivaMED, we give you total control of your practice and the full support you need to focus on your patients.

Easily integrate your practice into one of our private clinics. You pay very competitive fixed rental fees that provide you with all our high-end services, and let you reap the rewards of your hard work.

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Receive unparalleled
support at all times

Working from a PrivaMED clinic gives you access to a personalized and comprehensive support system. that takes care of all the administrative tasks for you.

Our administrative staff is there to handle scheduling, billing and more, while nurses and allied health professionals are there to give the added support you need to provide your patients with exceptional care.

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Focus on your patients
thanks to simplified workflow

PrivaMED provides you with the tools you need to efficiently conduct your practice.

Benefit from our paperless processes and digital health records. Our goal is to automate and simplify your workflow so you can focus on your patients.

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Manage your time
and practice

At PrivaMED, we want you to have the freedom to create your own work schedule.

Working in a PrivaMED clinic means you can enjoy regular working hours. Our nurses and personnel provide you with full support so you can optimize your time with patients.

Why choose

Work with total freedom and flexibiliy

Collect 100% of billings and pay small monthly rental fees

Search clinics

Flexibile working hours: YOU manage your schedule

Continually grwoing clinetele

Fully digital: electronic filing system and staff communication

Dynamic and supportive administrative team

We take care of all the administrative tasks

Working at Privamed means modernity, service and efficiency.

Electronic files accessible to patients, nurses who prepare the files before the visit and finally, an administrative team who take care of 90% of your non-practice work.

After having practiced in other places, I would recommend without hesitation.

— Dr. Francine Grosjean
Working at PrivaMED means being able to combine quality of practice and efficiency.

Thanks to the support of the nurses and to an efficient EMR, the doctor-patient time is optimized.

Choosing to work privately also allows for greater autonomy in scheduling as well as a lighter administrative load. All of this allows for a better work-life balance.

— Dr. Nathalie Nicloux

Want to know how PrivaMED
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Call us at 1-855-655-6060 or complete this online form, and Marie-Ève Langlais, clinic director, will connect with you.

All contact requests will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.