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To submit an unsolicited application, please include in one document a cover letter and resume making sure to identify your document with your name to the following address :

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Applications received are considered for any position that matches your skills profile. CVs are kept for a period of 6 months.

Become part of the team

You can integrate a team in one of our clinics. You then become a tenant. You collect your fees and you pay your fixed and very competitive rental fees with all the services offered.

Whether you’re experienced or just starting your practice, becoming a tenant at Privamed will give you peace of mind by knowing you’ll have all the professional and technical support you’ll need.

You will have regular working hours and be fully in control of your work schedule, allowing you to make a profit while benefiting from a good quality of life.

All this, without having to be concerned with the bureaucratic aspects of the clinic such as human resources, accounting, office and medical supplies, management, etc.

Thanks to the synergy with our nurses, you will be able to optimize your time spent with the patient since all the auxiliary tasks will have already been completed.

With all that Privamed has to offer, you will be able to be competitive and work effectively thanks to all the services we provide at a competitive cost.


Staff needed for the following specialties:

Joining the PrivaMED team means :

  • Remain self-employed: Collect all fees for minimal costs
  • Fast traffic by an established and growing clientele
  • Flexible working hours: YOU manage your own schedule
  • Maximize doctor's time: The structure in place saves time on administrative tasks
  • Complete IT system: Electronic records and communications with staff
  • Teamwork with group support already in place
  • Possibility of a career within the Privamed group: Clinic director or franchise

The means available to you in a Privamed clinic will allow you to be very competitive and work efficiently thanks to all the services offered to you at very advantageous costs

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