PrivaMED formula

Each private PrivaMED clinic offers you the same services and the same rates. Complete medical services for the whole family by our general practitioners with emergency appointments, medical follow-ups and annual check-ups. Management of dermatological, psychiatric, geriatric, pediatric and gynecological problems. Nursing services, with vaccinations and specimen taking for laboratory analysis.

Once you become a member of PrivaMED, a doctor will be assigned to you in one of our private clinics. In case of an emergency, you will have access to any clinic in the network, which guarantees quick access to our doctors.

Internet services are included, such as the possibility of scheduling your appointment on-line 24 hours a day and also access to your Electronic Medical Record (EMR). This file is updated regularly by your family doctor.

The services provided by our doctors are not covered by the RAMQ (Quebec Health Insurance Plan.)

To register for the clinic, please complete the form by clicking here : I would like to become a member


You are not a member of the clinic but you have an emergency and would like to be seen quickly? No problem. We also accept non-members.

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Online services

Online appointments

What-ever your needs, whether an emergency, a follow up, an annual check-up, you can have access on-line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it be for you or another person in your membership, you can make, confirm or cancel your appointment simply and quickly.

For an emergency appointment you have access to our complete network. You simply go on line and enter your membership number and password, you choose the clinic you wish to go to, the time slot for the appointment and thats it!

Electronic medical record

Biological tests, test results, results from a consultation with a specialist etc…, The minute we receive a result it is automatically scanned to your electronic medical file and presented to your doctor. Once the doctor as seen the results and taken notes, they are then available to you on-line under your EMR.

The minute there is a new result in your EMR, you will receive an email advising you to check your electronic medical record to see the results and the note from the doctor attached to them.

You also have access to your medical profile: your medical history, your follow-ups, allergies, your current medications and your ratios (Framingham, BMI, Peakflow, Metabolic syndrome, etc.). The content is completely standardized according to the international standards SNOMED.

Medical information

You have access to your personal medical file that you can consult whenever you wish. Your doctors and nurses can deposit documents concerning your medical situation at all times and offer advice on how to improve your health and offer health guides.

You can also view your bills and copies of your prescriptions, etc.