Dr Marc Miresco


Practices at the Brossard and Boucherville clinic

Dr. Marc Miresco has 15 years of experience as a psychiatrist in a wide variety of roles and settings throughout his career. His background includes serving as a staff psychiatrist at the Jewish General Hospital for 14 years, as well as serving as Director of External Services, where he led a team of 19 psychiatrist and over 50 allied professionals.

Dr. Miresco has worked in rural and remote settings across Canada and was a pioneer in offering home-based telepsychiatry to these communities as far back as a decade ago. He has also worked as a consultant to some of Canada's largest telemedicine companies, launched his own telepsychiatry clinics, and was the co-founder of a Canadian digital mental health start-up.

Dr. Miresco’s clinical focus is on Mood and Anxiety Disorders, as well as ADHD. His passion is to deliver the highest possible quality of care for his patients and to leverage the potential of digital health tools to quickly identify the optimal treatments for any individual patient.

Marc Miresco

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